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Children must avoid bright screens before sleeping

09 September 2019
Bright lights of tablets, phones, TVs make it harder to sleep, says doctor studying sleep disorders. Proktolog.az reports citing Anadolu Agency. "Exposure to the…

Michigan becomes first state to ban flavoured e-cigarettes

05 September 2019
Michigan has become the first US state to ban flavoured e-cigarettes as part of efforts to curb youth vaping. Proktolog.az reports citing BBC. The…

Cancer ‘biggest middle-age killer in rich nations’

04 September 2019
Cancer now causes more deaths among the middle-aged in higher-income countries than cardiovascular disease, a study suggests. Proktolog.az reports citing foreign media. Globally, heart…

Why red wine could be good for your gut – in moderation

02 September 2019
Red wine could be good for the gut, increasing the number of different types of helpful bacteria that can live there, according to researchers.…

General surgeon, proctologist

Op. Dr. Turkan Gunduz

Op. Dr. Turkan Gunduz, a general surgeon and proctologist who has been educated in Turkey and is a member of the Turkish and European Association of Coloproctology, is engaged in all kinds of Proctology diseases, conservative and surgical treatments of all kinds, together with operations according to modern standards. With painless, bloodless, short-term operations, you will be able to stay away from your problems that are bothering you.