Fish oil pills ‘no benefit’ for type 2 diabetes

24 August 2019
Dr. Turkan Gunduz

People with type 2 diabetes “should not be encouraged” to take omega-3 fish oil supplements, researchers from the University of East Anglia say. reports citing foreign media.

There had been some concerns omega-3 could be harmful for people with the condition.

But while a BMJ review of more than 80 studies found no evidence of that,they also failed to find any benefit.

Diabetes UK said it was better to get omega-3 from eating oily fish as part of a healthy diet.

Most people with diabetes – 90% – have type 2, where the pancreas either fails to produce enough insulin or the body’s cells fail to react to insulin.

Being overweight or obese, or having a close relative with the condition increases the risk.

The researchers found omega-3 from fish oils had little or no effect on the likelihood of diabetes diagnosis or on glucose metabolism, no matter for how long people were studied.

Dr. Turkan Gunduz

Dr. Turkan Gunduz

General surgeon, proctologist

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